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Social Performance

We at MSC Textiles (pvt) Ltd.  are striving at our optimum for the betterment of our products and services. As well as we successfully maintaining and implemented few of the international standards and we make the most of our inclusive resources to fulfill the requirements of these standards. In this regard our most recent endeavor is; to promote an environment of mutual confidence flanked by our company and employees. And to accomplish all SOCIAL and MORAL responsibilities we are working on SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY international standard (SA-8000:2008). Social accountability standard (SA-8000:2008) urged every business concern to fulfill their responsibilities in their work place under following parameters.

1- Child Labor / Forced Labor:

MSC Textiles (pvt) Ltd is committed to get work neither from child nor from young workers. No cases of child/young worker were found in last six months. The management is fully committed not to get work from the children. The age screening facility is effectively implemented to avoid any possibility of child labor in the factory.

2- Health & Safety:

Health and safety conditions are well maintained within the factory however few improvements are needed, which are taken care in order to avoid any incident. Minor injury record is maintained for any injury which took place in the factory. All the necessary training to avoid any accident is provided regularly to all workers

3- Right of collective bargaining:

Mutual Consensus Committee is effectively playing its part for the welfare of the employees of MSC Textiles (pvt) Ltd. Mutual Consensus Committee is continuously meeting with the management to communicate or to discuss the issues related to welfare of workers.

4- Discrimination & Disciplinary Practices:

No cases of discrimination were found raised from the workers during last six months.

5- Working Hours:

8 hour working hour routine was observed during last six months. No overtime was performed by the workers since last six month. Alternative rest day (rest after every six working days ) was observed as weekly holiday during the last six months.

6- Remuneration:

Company has paid Rs.7, 000/- per month to the workers of MSC Textiles (pvt) Ltd. In addition to that company is paying for workers.

  • Social Security
  • EOBI
  • Group Insurance

Free transportation is provided to the workers to bring them for work from their designated places and to drop them back after the working hours.

7- Internal Audits:

Company is performing internal audits after every six months time. During Internal audit if there is any gap observed proper corrective action is taken and verified in the next audit.

8- Management Review:

Company is performing management reviews after every six months time.
Top management and the senior managers attended the meeting. All above mentioned points along with the social accountability management system of MSC Textiles (pvt) Ltd. was reviewed in detail by the management.

9- Miscellaneous:

According to section # 9 of this SA 8000:2008 standard we are providing information to our interested parties and stake holders. Our social policy is pasted on our webpage (www.msc-textiles.com). You are requested if you have any inquiry or suggestion regarding our social policy / performance please contact our representative Mr. Rehmat Ali (Management Representative).