5th KM Khurrianwala Jaranwala Road Faisalabad

Mission Statement

We say, “The utter satiable urge can meet its toll by the appeasement of conscience.”

In this maxim the nature of the intentions is quite vigilant and conspicuous as it purely reflects the mission of the pioneer of the msc, to alleviate the scenario of the organization in the competitive arena of fabric manufacturing.

The generated vision of the insignia of the msc sets the standard to keep the nation’s flag high in the competitive world. The products produced under the roof of the respective mark guarantee the intrinsic vigour of the challenging manifesto of the protocol. The continual imports and up-gradation of technical facilities to provide the finest fabrics; and the best textile products along with services that enable, premium prices of the brands; and exercised succinctly.

Our vision of quality calls us to set the standard, whether in the products we make, the level of service we deliver to the customers or the manner in which we live. We are continually importing and upgrading our technical facilities to provide the finest of fabrics and the best of textile products along with services which will enable you to get the premium price on your brand.

Customer satisfaction being the backbone and life blood stream are to be the prior component and firm auxiliary, play the pivotal role in terms of boosting the emblem of our holistic framework.

Chief Executive
Mushtaq Ali Cheema