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msc textiles has the technology to care bleach 90,000 meters or more daily. msc added wider width continuous bleaching range of the latest model in the existing bleaching machines known for qualitative bleaching of woven fabric.
Our new addition is a Mercerizing machine, which helps us to achieve evenness of fibre plus giving the fabric more lustre and shine.

High Pressure Kier 3 132" 3.5 Ton Local
High Pressure Kier 1 132" 2.5 Ton Local
Rope Washing Machine 4   20 HP, 60" Local
Drying Range 3   22 drums of 30" dia Local
Batcher Station Ranges 1 132"   Local
Batcher Station Ranges 1 132"   Germany
Bleaching Plant 1 132" 90,000 Mtr China
Mercerizing Machine 1 132"   China

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